• Unable to Fly for 25 years!
    DA from Los Angeles

    "Prior to CBT I had been avoiding flying for over 25 years. I had not been able to visit my relatives in Europe. All of my vacations were by car. In 8 sessions I was cured of my phobia. CBT works!"

  • Fearful Flyer
    TR from Santa Monica

    "I didn't avoid taking flights, but every time I flew I was extremely nervous. My heart would beat so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. My therapist at the Center for Anxiety Management first taught me how to breathe and then how to relax my entire body. After practicing these techniques using the virtual flights I am now able to fly with very little anxiety."

  • Fear of Turbulence
    NR from Beverly Hills

    "After experiencing bad turbulence on a flight a few years ago I started to avoid flying. The therapy helped me to get comfortable flying in any type of weather. I thought flying was dangerous and that planes were not safe. With my therapist's help I learned to change these thoughts. The whole treatment took only 10 weeks."

  • Fifteen Years of Therapy
    LG from Camarillo

    "I was afraid to fly for over 15 years. I tried so many different types of therapy. At one point I was in analysis four times per week. Nothing worked. I had almost given up hope of ever flying again when I heard of CBT. After about two months of treatment I was able to get on a plane for the first time in 15 years. I don't understand why my previous therapists never told me about this treatment."

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