Fear of Flying Test

A number of different aspects of commercial air travel are listed below. Please choose a number from the scale below to show how much you be troubled or disturbed by each of these hems as they would occur if you were to fly today.

0 = Not at all disturbing
2 = Slightly disturbing
4 = Definitely disturbing
6 = Markedly disturbing
8 = Very severely disturbing

  • Making reservations for a flight
  • Traveling to the airport
  • Waiting in line for seat assignment
  • Getting and undesirable seat Which is better (circle one) WINDOW or AISLE
  • Waiting in boarding area
  • Standing in line on boarding ramp - boarding plane
  • Walking through the cabin of the plane toward your seat
  • Demonstration of safety features of plane
  • Looking out of window while on the ground
  • Taxiing to takeoff area
  • Take-off
  • Looking out of window during takeoff
  • Looking out of window while in the air
  • Being on a crowded plane
  • Being on a relatively empty plane
  • Thinking of your family while flying
  • Listening to engine sounds
  • Watching other passengers
  • Experiencing turbulence (plane lurches)
  • Listening to pilot's announcements
  • Eating a meal while in flight
  • Using the plane's washroom
  • Flying though clouds
  • Flying over water
  • Thinking about the altitude (how high you are in the air)
  • Thinking about the speed of the plane
  • Listening to announcements of landing preparations
  • Hearing landing gear moving into position
  • Feelings of descent during landing
  • Feeling of touchdown on landing strip
  • Braking of plane during landing
  • Taxiing to terminal after landing
  • Waiting in line to board plane
  • Total Score
  • Now add up your total score. The average score for people with fear of flying is 148. People who do not have a fear of flying have an average score of 35 Any score higher than 50 indicates that you may be helped by CBT.

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